Translation of "prisoner" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] uk us /ˈprɪz.ən.ər/ US  //

a person who is kept in prison as a punishment

Prisoners climbed onto the prison roof to protest at the conditions inside the prison. 犯人们爬上监狱屋顶对监狱里的条件表示抗议。
→ See also political prisoner
hold/keep/take sb prisoner

to catch someone and guard them so that they cannot escape

Of 10 000 troops, 7000 were killed, wounded or taken prisoner. 1万人的军队中,有7000人阵亡、受伤或被俘。
The pilot and several passengers were held prisoner by the gunmen for 57 hours. 飞行员和几名乘客被持枪歹徒扣押了57个小时。

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