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produceverb [ T ]

uk /prəˈdʒuːs/ us /prəˈduːs/

produce verb [ T ] (MAKE)

B1 to make something or bring something into existence

France produces a great deal of wine for export. 法国生产大量葡萄酒供出口。
Red blood cells are produced in the bone marrow. 红细胞在骨髓内生成。
She works for a company that produces (= makes for sale) electrical goods. 她在一家生产电子产品的公司工作。
I was wondering whether I could produce a meal out of what's left in the fridge. 我不知道能否用冰箱里剩的东西做一顿饭。
She's asked me to produce a report on the state of the project. 她要求我就这项工程的状况写一份报告。

When animals produce young, they give birth to them.

Our cat produced four kittens during the course of the night. 我们的猫在夜里生了4只小猫。
humorous All our friends seem to be busy producing offspring at the moment. 我们所有的朋友现在似乎都忙着生儿育女。

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produce verb [ T ] (CAUSE)

B2 to cause a reaction or result

The senator's speech produced an angry response from the opposition. 首相的发言招致了反对派愤怒的抨击。
Her remarks produced an awkward silence. 她的讲话引起了一阵尴尬的沉默。
If used on delicate skin, this cream may produce a stinging sensation. 这种润肤霜用在娇嫩的皮肤上会产生刺痛感。

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produce verb [ T ] (FILM/MUSIC)

to be in charge of making a musical recording and to be responsible for the arrangement of the music, the combination of the different instruments or voices and the general sound of it


produce verb [ T ] (BRING OUT)

C1 to bring something out from somewhere and show it

He produced a letter from his desk that he asked me to read. 他从书桌里拿出一封信让我读。
One of the men suddenly produced a knife from his pocket. 其中一名男子突然从口袋里掏出一把刀。

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produce verb [ T ] (RESULT IN)

to result in or discover something, especially proof

A lengthy police investigation failed to produce any evidence on which the suspect could be convicted. 警方的长期调查并未发现任何能证明疑犯有罪的证据。

producenoun [ U ]

uk /ˈprɒdʒ.uːs/ us /ˈprɑː.duːs/

C2 food or any other substance or material that is grown or obtained through farming

agricultural/dairy/fresh produce 农产品/乳产品/新鲜的农产品

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