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promptverb [ T ]

uk /prɒmpt/ us /prɑːmpt/

prompt verb [ T ] (CAUSE)

to make something happen

The bishop's speech has prompted an angry response from both political parties. 主教的发言激起了两大政党的愤怒回应。
Recent worries over the president's health have prompted speculation over his political future. 最近对总统健康状况的担忧引发了对其政治前途的猜测。
prompt sb to do sth

C2 to make someone decide to say or do something

What prompted you to say that? 什么促使你那么说的?
I don't know what prompted him to leave. 我不知道是什么促使他离开的。

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prompt verb [ T ] (HELP REMEMBER)

to help someone, especially an actor, to remember what they were going to say or do

I forgot my line and had to be prompted. 我忘词了,只好让人提词。


uk /prɒmpt/ us /prɑːmpt/

B2 (of an action) done quickly and without delay, or (of a person) acting quickly or arriving at the arranged time

They've written back already - that was a very prompt reply. 他们已经回信了——答复相当迅速。
They're usually fairly prompt in dealing with enquiries. 他们回复咨询通常都比较快。
Try to be prompt because we'll be very short of time. 尽量快点,因为我们时间很紧。

promptnoun [ C ]

uk /prɒmpt/ us /prɑːmpt/

prompt noun [ C ] (COMPUTER)

a sign on a computer screen that shows that the computer is ready to receive your instructions


prompt noun [ C ] (ACTOR'S HELP)

words that are spoken to an actor who has forgotten what he or she is going to say during the performance of a play


also prompter, uk /ˈprɒmptər/ us /ˈprɑːmptɚ/ a person whose job is to help actors, during a performance, to remember words that they have forgotten



uk /prɒmpt/ us /prɑːmpt/

at the time stated and no later

We'll be leaving at six o'clock prompt. 我们6点准时动身。

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