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uk /ˈprɒp.ər/ us /ˈprɑː.pɚ/

proper adjective (REAL)

B1 [ before noun ] real, satisfactory, suitable, or correct

This is Sara's first proper job - she usually does temporary work just for the money. 这是萨拉的第一份正式工作——她通常只是为了挣钱而打零工。
If you're going to walk long distances you need proper walking boots. 如果你要走那么远的路,就需要一双合脚的远足鞋。
I would have done the job myself but I didn't have the proper equipment. 这活儿我倒是想自己做来着,只是没有合适的工具。
I've had sandwiches but I haven't eaten a proper meal. 我吃了三明治,但还没有好好吃一顿饭。
She likes everything to be in its proper place. 她喜欢所有东西都各居其所。

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proper adjective (SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE)

showing standards of behaviour that are socially and morally acceptable

[ + to infinitive ] In those days it was considered not quite proper for young ladies to be seen talking to men in public. 在那个年月,年轻女子被人看见在公共场合与男子谈话会被认为不成体统。
She was very proper, my grandmother - she'd never go out without wearing her hat and gloves. 我祖母非常讲究仪表——出门时总要戴上帽子和手套。

proper adjective (MAIN)

[ after noun ] belonging to the main, most important, or typical part

It's a suburb of Los Angeles really - I wouldn't call it Los Angeles proper. 这实际上是曼彻斯特郊区——严格来讲我不会称它是曼彻斯特。

proper adjective (COMPLETE)

[ before noun ] UK informal complete

I've got myself into a proper mess! 我把自己搞得一团糟!


uk /ˈprɒp.ər/ us /ˈprɑː.pɚ/ UK not standard

proper adverb (PROPERLY)

sometimes used instead of the adverb "properly" to describe how someone speaks

合适地,得体地(有时代替副词 properly,用于描述某人说话的方式)
She was an educated lady so she talked proper. 她是位有教养的女士,因此谈吐很得体。

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