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uk /prəˈvaɪd/ us /prəˈvaɪd/

provide verb (SUPPLY)

B1 [ T ] to give someone something that they need

This booklet provides useful information about local services. 这本小册子提供了有关当地服务机构的有用信息。
All meals are provided at no additional cost. 整个期间都提供三餐。
The author provides no documentary references to support her assertions. 作者没有提供参考文献来支持她自己的论断。
We have concerns about whether the government will be able to provide viable social services for poorer families/provide poorer families with viable social services. 我们对政府是否能为较贫困家庭提供可行的社会服务十分关心。
Putting more police on patrol doesn't provide a real solution to the problem of increasing violence. 派更多警力巡逻并不能真正解决暴力事件不断增长这一问题。

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provide verb (LAW)

[ + that ] formal (of a law or decision) to say that something must happen if particular conditions exist

Section 17 provides that all decisions must be circulated in writing. 第17条规定,所有的决定都必须以书面形式发放通知。

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