Translation of "public" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (PEOPLE) 人们 uk us /ˈpʌb.lɪk/

relating to or involving people in general, rather than being limited to a particular group of people

Public opinion (= the opinions of most people) has turned against him. 民意已不再支持他了。
Is it really in the public interest (= useful to people) to publish this information? 公布这一消息真的对大众有利吗?
We need to increase public awareness of the disease. 我们需要增强公众对这种疾病的认识。
Peaceful demonstrations that do not cause a public nuisance (= do not harm other people) are a fundamental right in any truly democratic country. 不会对公众造成任何伤害的和平示威在每一个真正的民主国家都是一种基本权利。
The government has had to bow to public pressure on the issue. 在这一问题上,政府不得不在舆论压力下作出让步。
The information only became public after his death. 这一消息在他死后才公诸于世。
The results will not be made public (= told to everyone) until tomorrow. 结果要到明天才会公布。
We will not go public with (= tell people in general) the results until tomorrow. 我们要到明天才会公布结果。

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