Translation of "publish" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] uk us /ˈpʌb.lɪʃ/

to make information available to people, especially in a book, magazine or newspaper, or to produce and sell a book, magazine or newspaper

She's just had an article published in their weekend supplement. 她刚在他们周末版的增刊上发表了一篇文章。
The Government publishes figures every six months showing how many people are unemployed. 政府每半年公布一次失业人数。
The names of the winners of the competition will be published in June. 竞赛优胜者名单将于6月份公布。
She was only 19 when her first novel was published. 她的第一部小说出版时她年仅19岁。
publishing uk us /ˈpʌb.lɪ.ʃɪŋ/ noun [ U ]

a career in publishing 出版界的工作

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