Translation of "pure" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (NOT MIXED) 非混合的 uk us /pjʊər/ US  /pjʊr/

not mixed with anything else

a pure cotton shirt 纯棉衬衣
pure orange juice 纯橘子汁
pure English honey 纯英格兰蜂蜜
a pure Arab horse 纯种阿拉伯马

describes a colour which is not mixed with any other colour

a swan's pure white plumage 天鹅的纯白色羽毛

describes a sound which is clear and perfect

the pure vocal tones of the choirboy 唱诗班男童纯净的嗓音

clean and free from harmful substances

The mountain air was wonderfully pure. 山上的空气极为纯净。
Tap water is never chemically pure. 自来水从来不是化学上的纯水。
→ Opposite impure

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