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uk /ˈpɜː.pəs/ us /ˈpɝː.pəs/

B1 [ C ] why you do something or why something exists

The purpose of the research is to try to find out more about the causes of the disease. 研究的目的是试图进一步探寻引起这种疾病的原因。
His only purpose in life seems to be to enjoy himself. 他生活的唯一目的似乎就是享受。
Her main/primary purpose in suing the newspaper for libel was to clear her name. 她控告这家报纸诽谤的主要目的是澄清她的清白。
I came to Brighton for/with the express purpose of seeing you. 我到布赖顿是特地来看你的。
Letters whose sole purpose is to make a political point will not be published. 以宣扬政治观点为唯一目的的来信是不会被发表的。
She had the operation entirely for cosmetic purposes. 她做这次手术纯粹是为了美容。
a multi-purpose kitchen knife 多用厨刀
I can see no useful purpose in continuing this conversation. 我看不到继续这次谈话有任何益处。
All my efforts were to no purpose (= failed). 我所有的努力都付之东流了。
He gave her a sum of money which she used to good purpose (= well). 他给她的那笔钱她都用在该用的地方了。
on purpose

B1 If you do something on purpose, you do it intentionally, not by accident.

I didn't do it on purpose - it was an accident. 我不是故意这样做的,是个意外。

C2 [ U ] determination or a feeling of having a reason for what you do

I've always admired her for her strength of purpose. 我一直佩服她意志坚定。
Parenthood would give him a sense of purpose. 身为人父会让他变得有意志。

[ C ] a need

We haven't yet managed to find new premises that are suitable for our purposes. 我们还未找到符合我们需要的新营业场所。
The fabric I bought isn't exactly what I wanted, but it will serve my purposes (= fulfil my needs). 我买的织物严格说不是我想要的那种,但它能满足我的需要。
serve a purpose

C2 to have a use

These small village shops serve a very useful purpose. 村里的这些小商店非常有用。

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