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uk /ˈkwɒl.ə.ti/ us /ˈkwɑː.lə.t̬i/

quality noun (STANDARD)

B1 [ C or U ] how good or bad something is

a shop advertising top quality electrical goods 推销高质量电器的商店
The food was of such poor/low quality. 这种食品质量很差。
Their products are of very high quality. 他们的产品质量很高。
I only buy good-quality wine. 我只买好酒。
The quality of the picture on our television isn't very good. 我们的电视图像质量不高。

B1 [ U ] a high standard

He's not interested in quality. All he cares about is making money. 他对高质量毫不在意,一心只想赚钱。
quality of life

the level of enjoyment, comfort, and health in someone's life

My quality of life has improved tremendously since I moved to the country. 移居该国以来,我的生活质量大大提高。

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quality noun (CHARACTERISTIC)

B2 [ C ] a characteristic or feature of someone or something

leadership qualities 领导者的素质
He has a lot of good qualities but being organized isn't one of them. 他有许多优秀品质,可就是缺乏条理性。
[ + to infinitive ] I don't think he has the right qualities to be a teacher. 我认为他不具备做老师的素质。
This cheese has a rather rubbery quality to it (= it is like rubber). 这种奶酪非常有弹性。

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uk /ˈkwɒl.ə.ti/ us /ˈkwɑː.lə.t̬i/

B1 [ before noun ] of a high standard

This is a quality product. 这是优质产品。
mainly UK The story received little coverage in the quality papers (= more serious newspapers). 内容严肃的报纸几乎没有报道这条新闻。

[ after verb ] informal very good

That gig was quality. 那个演奏会很精彩。

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