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uk /ˈkwɪ us /ˈkwɪ

A2 at a fast speed

We'll have to walk quickly to get there on time. 我们得快走才能准时赶到那儿。
Quickly now, you two, daddy's waiting in the car! 你们俩快点,爸爸在车里等着呢!

A2 after only a very short time

He replied very quickly. 他马上就回复了。
He quickly realized that she wasn't telling the truth. 他立刻发现了她在说谎。

More examples

  • She quickly left the chorus for a starring role.
  • The plane climbed quickly to a height of 30 000 feet.
  • Police quickly closed off the area.
  • Christmas comes round so quickly!
  • You don't need to eat so quickly! It's not a competition.

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