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uk /kwaɪt/ us /kwaɪt/

B1 completely

The two situations are quite different. 两种情况截然不同。
The colours almost match but not quite. 颜色差不多相配,但不完全协调。
I enjoyed her new book though it's not quite as good as her last one. 我喜欢她的新书,尽管没有她上一本书那么好。
UK formal Are you quite sure you want to go? 你百分百肯定想去吗?
Quite honestly/frankly, the thought of it terrified me. 坦白/坦率地讲,想到它我就害怕。
not quite

B2 used to express that you are not certain about something

I don't quite know what to say. 我不太知道该说什么。
I didn't quite catch what he said. 我没太听懂他说的话。

UK used to show agreement with someone's opinion

"You'd think he could spare some money - he's not exactly poor." "Quite." “你觉得他能省出些钱来——他并不是真穷。” “是这样的。”
quite the best, worst, etc. mainly UK formal old-fashioned

used for emphasis

It was quite the worst dinner I have ever had. 那绝对是我吃过的最难吃的饭了。

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quiteadverb, predeterminer

uk /kwaɪt/ us /kwaɪt/ UK US usually fairly, pretty

A2 a little or a lot but not completely

I'm quite tired but I can certainly walk a little further. 我有些累,但肯定还能再走一会儿。
There was quite a lot of traffic today but yesterday was even busier. 今天的交通够拥挤的,不过昨天更繁忙。
It was quite a difficult job. 那工作着实难做。
He's quite attractive but not what I'd call gorgeous. 他相当有魅力,但称不上我心目中的美男子。
It would be quite a nuisance to write to everyone. 给所有人都写信准是件麻烦事。

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