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uk /kwəʊt/ us /kwoʊt/

quote verb (SAY)

C1 [ I or T ] to repeat the words that someone else has said or written

He's always quoting from the Bible. 他总是引用《圣经》上的话。
"If they're flexible, we're flexible", the official was quoted as saying. 援引那位官员的话说:“如果他们能变通,我们也能变通。”
She worked, to quote her daughter, "as if there were no tomorrow". 用她女儿的话来说,她工作起来“就像没有明天似的”。
Can I quote you on that (= can I repeat to other people what you have just said)? 你讲的那些话我可以讲给别人听吗?

C1 [ T ] If you quote a fact or example, you refer to it in order to add emphasis to what you are saying.

[ + two objects ] Quote me one organization that doesn't have some bad managers. 请给我举出一个没有不善管理的经理的机构来。

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quote verb (GIVE PRICE)

C2 [ T ] to give a price, especially one that will be charged for doing a piece of work

The architect has quoted £90,000 to build a patio. 扩建部分建筑师开价90000英镑。

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