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uk /ræk/ us /ræk/

rack noun (FRAME)

[ C ] a frame or shelf, often formed of bars, that is used to hold things

a vegetable rack 摆放蔬菜的货架
a plate rack 盘碟架
a luggage rack 行李架

[ C ] US UK frame a wooden or plastic triangle used to arrange the balls at the start of a game of billiards, pool, snooker, etc.

the rack

in the past, a device to which people were tied that stretched their bodies by pulling their arms in one direction and their legs in the other direction, usually used as a way of forcing them to give information


rack noun (MEAT)

[ C or U ] a large piece of meat cut from the neck of a sheep or pig

The butcher prepared a rack of pork. 那个屠夫准备了一块猪颈肉。
We're having rack of lamb for dinner. 我们做了一块羊颈肉上正餐。

rack noun (MACHINE)

[ C ] a bar with tooth-like parts along one edge that fits into a pinion (= a wheel with tooth-like parts) allowing change between circular and straight-line movement


rack noun (DECAY)

rack and ruin US also wrack and ruin

a state of decay

The whole farm was going to rack and ruin. 整个农场逐渐变得破败不堪。


rackverb [ T often passive ]

uk /ræk/ us /ræk/

to cause physical or mental pain, or trouble, to someone or something

Even at the end, when cancer racked his body, he was calm and cheerful. 即使在最后,当他的身体备受癌症病魔摧残的时候,他仍然镇定自若、乐观开朗。
The dog was already racked by/with the pains of old age. 那条狗已经又老又病,痛苦不堪。
He was racked by/with doubts/guilt. 他被疑虑/内疚所折磨。

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