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uk /ˈræk.ɪt/ us /ˈræk.ɪt/

racket noun (SPORT)

A2 [ C ] also racquet an object used for hitting the ball in various sports, consisting of a net fixed tightly to a round frame with a long handle

a tennis/squash/badminton racket 网球/壁球/羽毛球球拍

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racket noun (NOISE)

C2 [ S ] informal an unpleasant loud continuous noise

They were making such a racket outside that I couldn't get to sleep. 他们一直在外面大吵大闹,搅得我根本睡不着。

racket noun (CRIME)

[ C usually singular ] informal a dishonest or illegal activity that makes money

They were jailed for running a protection/prostitution racket. 他们因为勒索保护费/干拉皮条的勾当而被监禁。
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[ C usually singular ] disapproving a way of making a large unfair profit

Phone chat lines are a real racket. 电话聊天热线纯属暴利行当。

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