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raidnoun [ C ]

uk /reɪd/ us /reɪd/

C2 a short sudden attack, usually by a small group of people

The commandos made/staged/carried out a daring raid (on the enemy). 突击队大胆(向敌人)发起了突袭。
planes on a bombing raid 执行空袭轰炸任务的飞机

the act of entering a place by force in order to steal from it

Millions of dollars were stolen in a bank raid last night. 昨晚一家银行被劫走数百万美元。

C2 an occasion when the police enter a place suddenly in order to find someone or something

The drugs were found during a police raid on the house. 这些毒品是在警方查抄这栋房子时发现的。

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raidverb [ T ]

uk /reɪd/ us /reɪd/

C2 to attack a place suddenly

The nomads raided the enemy camp and captured over 100 camels. 游牧部落突袭了敌人的营地,掠走了上百头骆驼。

to enter a place illegally and usually violently, and steal from it

The post office was raided late at night. 昨晚深夜邮局遭到抢劫。

C2 (of the police) to enter a place suddenly in order to find someone or something

Police officers from the organized crime division have raided businesses in central London. 有组织犯罪调查处的警察已经突击搜查了位于伦敦中心的一些律师事务所。

informal to take something from a place, usually secretly

I caught Toby raiding the fridge. 托比从冰箱里偷拿东西时被我撞上了。

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