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uk /ræŋk/ us /ræŋk/

rank noun (POSITION)

C1 [ C or U ] a position in an organization, such as the army, showing the importance of the person having it

senior/high/junior/low rank 高/低级职位
He has just been promoted to the rank of captain. 他刚被提升为上尉。
Ministers of cabinet rank receive a higher salary than other ministers. 进入内阁的部长比其他部长的工资高。
Having a large income is one of the advantages of rank (= high position). 职位级别高的好处之一就是收入高。

[ C or U ] a particular position, higher or lower than others

He's in the front/first rank of (= one of the best) international tennis players. 他是世界一流的网球运动员。
Consumer preferences were placed in rank order from 1 to 5. 顾客对产品的喜好程度从1到5划分级别。
ranks [ plural ]

the members of a group or organization

Party ranks have swelled by nearly 300,000. 党员人数已经增加了将近30万人。
Marty has joined the ranks of the (= become) unemployed. 马蒂也成了失业大军中的一员。
The party leadership seems to be losing support in the ranks. 该党的领导层好像在失去广大党员的支持。
rise from/through the ranks

to be moved up from a low level position in an organization to a higher one

He rose through the ranks to become a general. 他从普通士兵成长为一名将军。
He joined the company in 2008 and has been rising through the ranks ever since. 他于1998年进入公司,从那以后步步高升。

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rank noun (ROW)

[ C ] a row, especially of people or things standing side by side

The front rank of the riot squad raised their shields. 前排的防暴队员举起了盾牌。
literary We could see nothing for miles but serried ranks (= many close rows) of fir trees. 数英里范围内,映入眼帘的只有一排排密密丛丛的冷杉树。

[ C ] a place where taxis wait for passengers

There were no taxis at the taxi/cab rank. 出租车站上没有出租车。


uk /ræŋk/ us /ræŋk/

rank adjective (EXTREME)

[ before noun ] (especially of something bad) complete or extreme

It was rank stupidity to drive so fast on an icy road. 在结冰的路面上把车开得这样快简直是愚蠢透顶。
The horse that won the race was a rank outsider. 赢得比赛的那匹马原来看上去根本没希望获胜。

rank adjective (GROWN)

used to describe plants that grow too fast or too thickly, or an area covered by these

The abandoned garden was rank with weeds. 荒废的花园里杂草丛生。

rank adjective (SMELL)

smelling strong and unpleasant

His clothes were rank with sweat. 他的衣服一股汗臭味。

rankverb [ I or T, usually + adv/prep ]

uk /ræŋk/ us /ræŋk/

C1 to have a position higher or lower than others, or to be considered to have such a position

A captain ranks (= has a position) above a lieutenant. 上尉比中尉军衔高。
My entry was ranked third in the flower show. 在花展中,我送去参赛的花获得了第三名。
She ranked the bottles in order of size along the shelf. 她把瓶子按大小顺序摆放在架子上。
In my opinion, he ranks among the theatre's greatest actors. 我认为他是该剧团最优秀的演员之一。
2012 must rank as (= be) the most difficult year for Europe since the 30s. 她说从1848年以来,1989年一定可以算得上是欧洲发生变化最大的一年。

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