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rapeverb [ I or T ]

uk /reɪp/ us /reɪp/

B2 to force someone to have sex when they are unwilling, using violence or threatening behaviour

She was pulled from the car and raped. 她被拉出车外,遭到强奸。
It's difficult to understand what causes a man to rape. 很难理解是什么原因导致一个男人犯下强奸罪行。

More examples

  • She was raped as a young girl.
  • She said that he'd raped her.
  • He had raped her repeatedly during this period.
  • He raped and murdered several women.
  • She does a lot of counselling with women who've been raped and abused.


uk /reɪp/ us /reɪp/

rape noun (SEX CRIME)

B2 [ C or U ] (an example of) the crime of forcefully having sex with someone against their wishes

He had committed several rapes. 他多次犯下强奸罪。
He was convicted of rape. 他被判犯有强奸罪。

More examples

  • The judge was reviled in the newspapers for his opinions on rape.
  • We're hearing reports of the systematic rape and torture of prisoners.
  • Some of the most disturbed children had witnessed really traumatic things, such as rape and murder.
  • Why do so many rapes go unreported?
  • The woman alleged rape, but Reeves insisted it was consensual.

rape noun (DESTRUCTION)

[ U ] destruction of the natural world, often for profit

The road builders were accused of the rape of the countryside. 公路建筑商被指责肆意破坏乡村环境。

rape noun (PLANT)

[ U ] also oilseed rape, rapeseed a plant with yellow flowers from which oil and animal food are produced


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