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uk /ræʃ/ us /ræʃ/

rash noun (SKIN CONDITION)

C2 [ C or U ] a lot of small red spots on the skin

I've got an itchy rash all over my chest. 我胸部出满了疹子,痒得要命。
If you stay in the sun too long you'll get (a) heat rash. 如果你在阳光下呆得太久,就会生痱子。
UK He came out/up in a rash after he fell in a patch of nettles. 他摔倒在一片荨麻地里,结果身上就起了疹子。

rash noun (LARGE NUMBER)

a rash of sth

a large number of unpleasant events of the same type

There has been a rash of robberies/accidents/complaints in the last two months. 过去两个月中,突然发生很多起抢劫案/一下出了很多起事故/接二连三收到多起投诉。


uk /ræʃ/ us /ræʃ/

C2 careless or unwise, without thought for what might happen or result

That was a rash decision - you didn't think about the costs involved. 那个决定太轻率了——你没有考虑到这样做的代价。
[ + to infinitive ] I think it was a bit rash of them to get married when they'd only known each other for a few weeks. 我觉得他们刚认识几周就结婚有些草率。

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