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uk /ˈred.i/ us /ˈred.i/

ready adjective (PREPARED)

A1 prepared and suitable for fast activity

[ + to infinitive ] Are you ready to leave? 你准备好离开了吗?
Are you ready to order, Madam? 现在可以点菜了吗,女士?
Okay, Evie, ready when you are (= I am ready to do what we have arranged). 好了,埃薇,我都准备好了,就等你了。
Dinner's ready! 可以吃晚饭了!
Are you ready? Hurry up - we're late. 准备好了吗?快点——我们都晚了。
We're leaving at eight o'clock, so you've got half an hour to get ready. 我们8点钟出发,所以你还有半个小时准备。
The army are said to be ready for action. 据说军队已经做好准备随时采取行动。
The concert hall was made/got ready (= prepared) for the performance. 音乐厅已为这场演出准备妥当。
ready and waiting

waiting and prepared to act

Secret information allowed the police to be ready and waiting when the robbers came out of the bank. 由于得到秘密线报,警方布下埋伏,等着劫匪从银行出来自投罗网。

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ready adjective (QUICK)

[ before noun ] mainly approving quick with answers, jokes, solutions, etc.

He had a ready reply to every question. 他对所有的问题都对答如流。
He was charming, with a ready wit (= the ability to quickly say clever and funny things). 他很有魅力,而且机智风趣。


uk /ˈred.i/ us /ˈred.i/
at the ready

prepared to be used or to act immediately

He stood by the phone, pencil at the ready. 他准备好了铅笔,站在电话旁。

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