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uk /rɪəl/ us /ˈriː.əl/

real adjective (NOT IMAGINARY)

A2 existing in fact and not imaginary

Assuring the patient that she has a real and not imaginary problem is the first step. 使病人确信她真的有病,并非杯弓蛇影,这是对她进行治疗的第一步。
There is a very real threat that he will lose his job. 他的确有失去工作的危险。
real earnings, income, etc.

the value of earnings, etc. after the effect of rising prices is considered

Wages rose by 2.9 percent last year, but real earnings still fell by 1.3 percent. 去年工资增长了2.9%,但实际收入却仍然下降了1.3%。
in real terms

after considering things that affect what a number or amount really means, such as the effect of rising prices

Average earnings rose 5 percent in real terms after deducting income tax. 在扣除收入所得税等项之后,一个家庭男主人的收入实际增加了5%。

More examples

  • She has a real feel for language.
  • Was King Arthur a real or a legendary character?
  • Politicians these days are more interested in playing to the gallery than exercising real influence on world events.
  • Most modern kings and queens rule their countries only in a formal way, without real power.
  • The main political parties are merely shadow-boxing, instead of tackling the real economic problems facing this country.

real adjective (NOT FALSE)

A2 [ before noun ] being what it appears to be and not false

real leather/fur 真皮/真毛皮
Is that a toy gun or the real thing? 那是把玩具枪还是真枪?

[ before noun ] UK approving (especially of foods) produced using traditional methods and without artificial substances

The pub sells several kinds of real ale (= traditional beer). 那家酒馆供应好几种正宗散装啤酒。
for real B2 informal

real, not pretended

I thought it was just a drill but apparently it was for real. 我还以为是消防演习呢,但显然是真的失火了。

More examples

  • You can always tell a real bow tie from one that clips on.
  • "Is that real fur on your collar?" "Certainly not - I only wear fake fur."
  • Those flowers aren't real - they're made of plastic.
  • George Orwell was a pseudonym - his real name was Eric Blair.
  • It turned out that he wasn't a real doctor at all - he was just a sham.

real adjective (IMPORTANT)

B2 [ before noun ] the most important; the main

The real difficulty was the language, because my children don't speak English. 真正的困难是语言问题,因为我的孩子们不会说英语。
Novelty value may be a part of it, but the real reason people like our paper is that it speaks the truth. 有创意或许是一个方面,但人们喜欢本报的最主要原因是它讲真话。

More examples

  • Knowledge of languages is a real asset in this sort of work.
  • My one real vice is chocolate.
  • Creativity, ingenuity and flair are the songwriter's real talents.
  • The real disease affecting the country is inflation.
  • The proposal was dismissed as a diversionary tactic intended to distract attention from the real problems.

real adjective (VERY GREAT)

B2 [ before noun ] used to emphasize a noun

He's a real gentleman. 他是位地道的绅士。
She was a real help. 她真是个难得的好帮手。
It's a real nuisance. 真是麻烦透顶。

More examples

  • I get a real kick out of owning my own car.
  • She picked up some real bargains in the sale.
  • You were right about Pete - he's a real troublemaker.
  • You gave us a real scare when you fainted, you know.
  • It was a real culture shock to find herself in London after living on a small island.


uk /rɪəl/ us /ˈriː.əl/ mainly US informal


I like this homemade lemonade, it's real good! 我很喜欢喝这种自制柠檬水,真是太棒了!
It's real easy to do. 这真的很容易做。

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