Translation of "real" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (NOT IMAGINARY) 非想象的 uk us /rɪəl/ US  /riː.əl/

existing in fact; not imaginary

Assuring the patient that she has a real and not imaginary problem is the first step. 使病人确信她真的有病,并非杯弓蛇影,这是对她进行治疗的第一步。
There is a very real threat that he will lose his job. 他的确有失去工作的危险。
real earnings/income, etc.

the value of earnings, etc. after the effect of rising prices is considered

Wages rose by 2.9% last year, but real earnings still fell by 1.3%. 去年工资增长了2.9%,但实际收入却仍然下降了1.3%。
in real terms

existing in fact, despite what appears to be the situation

A family man's earnings rose 5% in real terms after deducting income tax, etc. 在扣除收入所得税等项之后,一个家庭男主人的收入实际增加了5%。

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