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uk /ˈrɪə.li/ us /ˈriː.ə.li/

really adverb (NOT IMAGINARY)

B1 in fact

He isn't really angry - he's just pretending. 他不是真生气——他只是假装的。
You don't really expect them to refuse, do you? 你实际上并没料到他们会拒绝,是不是?

A2 used to say that something is certain

Thank you, but I really couldn't eat another thing. 多谢,但是我真的什么也吃不下了。
He's really going to do it this time. 这一次他是真的要去做这件事了。

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really adverb (VERY)

A1 very or very much

She's really nice. 她人很好。
This room is really hot. 这个房间里太热了。
That's really interesting. 那真是太有趣了。
It's a really difficult decision. 这确实是个很难做的决定。
"Did you like it? Not really (= no)." "你喜欢它吗?" "不太喜欢。"

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uk /ˈrɪə.li/ us /ˈriː.ə.li/

A2 used to express interest, surprise, or anger

"I'm getting married to Fred." "Really? When?" “我就要和弗雷德结婚了。”“是吗?什么时候?”
"She's promised to shave her head for charity." "Really? Do you think she'll do it?" “她已经答应为慈善事业做一次跳伞表演。”“真的吗?你觉得她会做吗?”
"He hasn't brought the book back." "Oh, really! That's the second time I've asked him!" “他没把书带回来。”“哎呀,真是的!我都跟他说了两次了!”

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