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uk /rɪˈsep.ʃən/ us /rɪˈsep.ʃən/

reception noun (WELCOME)

B2 [ C ] a formal party at which important people are welcomed

The president gave a reception for the visiting heads of state. 总统举行招待会款待来访的外国元首。

C1 [ S ] the way in which people react to something or someone

Her first book got a wonderful/warm/frosty reception from the critics. 评论家对她的第一本书反应很好/热烈/冷淡。

[ U ] the act of welcoming someone or something

The new hospital was ready for the reception of its first patients. 新医院已经可以用了,准备收治第一批病人。
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reception noun (WELCOME)

B1 [ U ] the place in a hotel or office building where people go when they first arrive

Ask for me at reception. 要找我的话,到前台问询。
I signed in at the reception desk. 我在接待处登了记。

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reception noun (SIGNALS)

[ U ] the degree to which mobile phone, radio, or television signals are strong and clear

The phone reception is really bad out here in the woods.
We live on top of a hill and so we get excellent radio reception. 我们住在小山顶上,所以收音机的收听效果特别好。
A new digital antenna might improve your reception.
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reception noun (SCHOOL)

[ U ] UK the first year of infant school

a reception class/teacher 学前班/学前班老师

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