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recordverb [ T ]

uk /rɪˈkɔːd/ us /rɪˈkɔːrd/

record verb [ T ] (STORE ELECTRONICALLY)

A2 to store sounds or moving pictures using electronic equipment so that they can be heard or seen later

Cliff Richard has recorded more number one hit songs than any other British pop star. 在英国流行乐歌星中,克利夫.理查德德录制的荣登排行榜榜首的歌曲数量最多。
We recorded their wedding on video. 我们给他们的婚礼录了像。
I tried to call her, but all I got was a recorded message saying that she was away for the weekend. 我每次给她打电话听到的都是电话答录机中说她外出度周末的录音。
Was the concert live or was it recorded (= made before being broadcast)? 音乐会是直播还是录播的?

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record verb [ T ] (STORE INFORMATION)

B2 to keep information for the future, by writing it down or storing it on a computer

She records everything that happens to her in her diary. 她把发生在自己身上的一切事情都记在了日记里。
Unemployment is likely to reach the highest total that has ever been recorded. 失业总人数很可能会创下有史以来的最高纪录。
[ + that ] In his journal, Captain Scott recorded that he and his companions were weakened by lack of food. 在日志中,斯科特船长写道,因缺少食物他和同伴们身体虚弱不堪。
The coroner recorded (= decided) a verdict of accidental death. 验尸官判定是意外死亡。

C1 If a device records a measurement, it shows that measurement.

The thermometer recorded a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. 温度计显示温度是30摄氏度。

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uk /ˈrek.ɔːd/ us /ˈrek.ɚd/

record noun (INFORMATION)

B2 [ C or U ] a piece of information or a description of an event that is written on paper or stored on a computer

The weather centre keeps a record of the weather. 气象中心对天气情况都备有记录。
This summer has been the hottest on record (= the hottest summer known about). 今年夏天是有史以来最热的。

B2 [ C ] information about someone or something that is stored by the police or by a doctor

A person's medical records are confidential. 一个人的病历是保密的。
He is well known to the police and has a long criminal record (= a list kept by the police of his previous crimes). 他是警察局的常客,有一大堆的犯罪前科。

C2 [ C ] the facts that are known about a person or a company and the actions they have done in the past

I won't fly with an airline that has a bad safety record (= whose aircraft have often had accidents). 我可不愿意搭乘安全纪录很差的航空公司的航班。
for the record

something that you say before you tell someone something important that you want them to remember

And, just for the record, we were never any more than good friends. 而且,我郑重声明,我们一直是好朋友,仅此而已。

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record noun (MUSIC)

B1 [ C ] a flat plastic disc on which music is recorded

Would you like to listen to some records? 你想听些唱片吗?

B1 [ C ] a song or music that has been recorded and is available for the public to buy

The Beatles' first hit record was "Love Me Do". 披头士乐队的第一首走红歌曲是《请爱我》。

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record noun (BEST)

B1 [ C ] the best or fastest ever done

He ran the 100 metres in 9.79 seconds and broke/smashed the world record. 他以9.79秒的成绩跑完了100米,打破了世界纪录。
She set/established a new European record in the high jump. 她创造了欧洲跳高的新纪录。

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uk /ˈrek.ɔːd/ us /ˈrek.ɚd/

at a higher level than ever achieved before

The long hot summer has led to a record harvest this year. 这个夏天漫长而又炎热,使得今年成为一个创纪录的丰收年。
Inflation has reached record levels. 通货膨胀已创历史最高水平。
We finished the work in record time (= faster than had ever been done before). 我们以最短的时间完成了工作,这是以前从没有过的。

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