Translation of "record" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (STORED INFORMATION) 储存信息 uk us /ˈrek.ɔːd/ US  /-ɚd/

[ C or U ] a piece of information or a description of an event which is written on paper or stored on a computer

The weather centre keeps a record of the weather. 气象中心对天气情况都备有记录。
This summer has been the hottest on record (= the hottest summer known about). 今年夏天是有史以来最热的。

[ C ] information about someone or something which is stored by the police or by a doctor

A person's medical records are confidential. 一个人的病历是保密的。
He is well known to the police and has a long criminal record (= a list kept by the police of his previous crimes). 他是警察局的常客,有一大堆的犯罪前科。

[ C ] the facts that are known about a person or a company and the actions they have done in the past

I won't fly with an airline that has a bad safety record (= whose aircraft have often had accidents). 我可不愿意搭乘安全纪录很差的航空公司的航班。
for the record

something that you say before you tell someone something important that you want them to remember

And, just for the record, we were never any more than good friends. 而且,我郑重声明,我们一直是好朋友,仅此而已。

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