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uk /red/ us /red/ redder, reddest

A1 of the colour of fresh blood

red lipstick 红色唇膏
The dress was bright red. 这件连衣裙是鲜红色的。

A2 used to describe hair that is an orange-brown colour

go/turn (bright) red

B2 If you go/turn red, your face becomes red because you are angry or embarrassed.

Look, you've embarrassed him - he's gone bright red! 瞧,你让他很尴尬——他的脸都红了!

If your eyes are red, the white part of your eyes and the skin around your eyes is red, because of crying, tiredness, too much alcohol, etc.


More examples

  • This heat has made me come out in an itchy red rash.
  • She drives a red sports car.
  • Nicky and I both have red hair but hers is lighter than mine.
  • She had a red mark on her arm where she'd burned herself.
  • He was signalling with a red flag.

rednoun [ C or U ]

uk /red/ us /red/

A2 the colour of fresh blood

She uses a lot of reds and pinks in her paintings. 她的画作中大量使用红色和粉红色。
I've always worn a lot of red. 我一向是穿红色衣服居多。
She was dressed all in red. 她穿了一身红。

More examples

  • He drew a heart and coloured it red.
  • The colour red is used to denote passion or danger.
  • In autumn, the leaves turn a dusky red.
  • He said, by way of explanation, that he hadn't seen the traffic light change to red.
  • She looks best in bright, vibrant colours, like red and pink.


Rednoun [ C ]

uk /red/ us /red/ mainly disapproving

a person who has socialist or communist political opinions


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