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uk /rɪˈdʌn.dənt/ us /rɪˈdʌn.dənt/

redundant adjective (NOT NEEDED)

C2 (especially of a word, phrase, etc.) unnecessary because it is more than is needed

In the sentence "She is a single unmarried woman", the word "unmarried" is redundant. 在句子 She is a single unmarried woman 中,unmarried 一词是多余的。

redundant adjective (NOT EMPLOYED)

B2 UK having lost your job because your employer no longer needs you

To keep the company alive, half the workforce is being made redundant. 为了使公司生存下去,一半的员工要被裁掉。
figurative New technology often makes old skills and even whole communities redundant. 新技术常常会使古老的技艺甚至是某个行业完全消失。

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