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uk /rent/ us /rent/

rent noun (PAYMENT)

A2 [ C or U ] a fixed amount of money that you pay regularly for the use of a room, house, car, television, etc. that someone else owns

I pay a higher rent/more rent than the other tenants because my room is bigger. 我的房租比其他房客高,因为我的房间要大些。
Rents here are ridiculously high/low. 这里的房租高/低得出奇。
for rent

offered by the owner for someone else to use in exchange for money


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rent noun (HOLE)

[ C ] formal a large hole torn in a piece of material

There was a large rent in his parachute. 他的降落伞上裂了个大口子。


uk /rent/ us /rent/

rent verb (PAY TO USE)

A2 [ T ] to pay or receive a fixed amount of money for the use of a room, house, car, television, etc.

I rented a car from a garage so that I could get about. 我从汽车修理厂租了一辆车,以便能够四处走走。
[ + two objects ] The old lady rented me her spare bedroom for £200 a week. 这位老太太以每周55英镑的价格把她一间闲置的卧室租给了我们。
My Dad has a villa that he rents (out) to tourists. 我爸爸有一处乡间小屋,他把它出租给游客们。

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rent verb (TORN)

past simple and past participle of rend


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