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resonateverb [ I ]

uk /ˈrez.ən.eɪt/ us /ˈrez.ən.eɪt/

resonate verb [ I ] (MAKE SOUND)

to produce, increase, or fill with sound, by vibrating (= shaking) objects that are near

His voice resonated in the empty church. 他的声音在空荡荡的教堂中回荡。
The noise of the bell resonated through the building. 铃声在大楼里回荡。

resonate verb [ I ] (HAVE QUALITY/EFFECT)

to be filled with a particular quality

The building resonates with historic significance. 这座房子一砖一瓦都富有历史意义。

to continue to have a powerful effect or value

The significance of those great stories resonates down the centuries. 这些著名故事的深远意义将世代流传。

If an experience or memory resonates, it makes you think of another similar one.

Her experiences resonate powerfully with me, living, as I do, in a similar family situation. 她的家庭生活环境和我相似,所以她的经历在我心中引起强烈共鸣。

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