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respondverb [ I ]

uk /rɪˈspɒnd/ us /rɪˈspɑːnd/

B2 to say or do something as a reaction to something that has been said or done

[ + speech ] To every question, he responded "I don't know." 每一个问题他的回答都是“我不知道。”
I asked her what the time was, but she didn't respond. 我问她几点了,但是她没理我。
He responded by marching off and slamming the door behind him. 他的反应是大步走出房间,狠狠甩上了门。
How did she respond to the news? 她听了这消息有什么反应?
[ + that ] When the tax office wrote to me demanding unpaid income tax, I responded that I had been working abroad since 1998. 税务所写信催我缴纳拖欠的所得税税款,我回信说我自从1998年以来一直在国外工作。
The police respond to emergencies (= arrive and are ready to deal with emergencies) in just a few minutes. 紧急事件发生时,警察在短短几分钟内就会作出反应。
respond to sth

If diseases or patients respond to treatment, the treatment begins to cure them.

It remains to be seen whether the cancer will respond to treatment. 这种疗法对癌症是否有效,仍待观察。
For patients who do not respond to drug treatment, surgery is a possible option. 对于药物治疗无效的病人,手术治疗可能是一个选择。

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