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verb (STOP) 停止 uk us /rest/

[ I or T ] to (cause someone or something to) stop doing a particular activity or stop being active for a period of time in order to relax and get back your strength

The doctor told him that he should rest for a few days. 医生告诉他应该休息几天。
He looked away from the computer screen to rest his eyes. 他把视线从电脑显示屏上移开,让眼睛休息一下。
She promised that she would not rest (= would not stop looking) until the murderer of her son was caught and imprisoned. 她发誓杀害她儿子的凶手不被捕入狱,她就不会善罢罢休。
→ See also rest up
be resting informal

to be an actor who does not have any work

Over 90% of professional actors are resting at any given time. 任何时候都有超过90%的职业演员无戏可演。
I rest my case. (also My case rests.) legal

said by lawyers in a law court when they have finished the explanation of their case


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