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retainverb [ T ]

uk /rɪˈteɪn/ us /rɪˈteɪn/

C2 formal to keep or continue to have something

She has lost her battle to retain control of the company. 她被打败了,失去了继续掌管公司的权力。
He managed to retain his dignity throughout the performance. 在整个表演过程中,他设法保持了自己的尊严。
She succeeded in retaining her lead in the second half of the race. 在比赛的后半程中,她成功地保住了领先地位。
I have a good memory and am able to retain (= remember) facts easily. 我记忆力很好,记东西不费劲。

formal If a substance retains something, such as heat or water, it continues to hold or contain it.

The sea retains the sun's warmth longer than the land. 海水储存太阳的热量的时间比陆地要长。
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