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uk /rɪˈvɜːs/ us /rɪˈvɝːs/

reverse verb (CHANGE TO OPPOSITE)

C1 [ T ] to change the direction, order, position, result, etc. of something to its opposite

The new manager hoped to reverse the decline in the company's fortunes. 新经理希望能够扭转公司江河日下的状况。
Now that you have a job and I don't, our situations are reversed. 你找到了工作,我倒没有工作了,我们的情况正好掉了个儿。
The Court of Appeal reversed the earlier judgment. 上诉法院推翻了先前的判决。

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reverse verb (PHONE)

reverse the charges US also call collect

to make a phone call that is paid for by the person receiving it



uk /rɪˈvɜːs/ us /rɪˈvɝːs/
the reverse

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C2 the opposite of what has been suggested

You might think that people who don't worry about their diet are fatter and more unhealthy; in fact, the reverse is true.
Whatever official news broadcasts claimed, he believed the reverse.

the back of a coin, medal, etc.

The coin has a royal coat of arms on the reverse. 1英镑硬币的背面有王室盾徽的图案。
in reverse (order)

C1 in the opposite order or way

To stop the engine, you repeat the same procedures, but in reverse (order). 要想关掉发动机,你得按相反顺序重复同样的步骤。

C2 [ U ] also reverse gear the method of controlling a vehicle that makes it go backwards

To go backwards, you must put the car in/into reverse (gear). 要想倒车,你得挂倒车挡。

[ C ] formal a defeat or failure

They suffered a serious military/political reverse. 他们遭受了一次重大的军事/政治失败。


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