Translation of "ring" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] (CIRCLE) 圆圈 uk us /rɪŋ/ (ringed, ringed)

to surround something

Armed police ringed the hijacked plane. 武装警察包围了被劫持的飞机。
The harbour is dangerous - it's ringed by/with rocks and reefs. 这个港口很危险——周围有很多礁石和暗礁。

UK to draw a circle round something

Students should ring the correct answers in pencil. 学生们应该用铅笔将正确的答案圈出。

to put a ring on something, especially an animal

We ringed the birds (= put rings around their legs) so that we could identify them later. 我们给鸟腿上戴上环套,以便将来可以辨识出它们。

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