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uk /raɪz/ us /raɪz/ rose, risen

rise verb (MOVE UP)

B1 [ I ] to move upwards

The balloon rose gently (up) into the air. 气球慢慢升入空中。
At 6 a.m. we watched the sun rise (= appear and move upwards in the sky). 我们在早晨6点钟观看了日出。
New buildings are rising (= being built) throughout the city. 城中各处一座座新楼拔地而起。
figurative Murmurs of disapproval rose from (= came from) the crowd. 人群中传出一阵阵非难的抱怨声。

[ I ] to stand, especially after sitting

She rose from her chair to welcome us. 她从椅子上站起身来迎接我们。
He rose to his feet to deliver his speech. 他站起来发表讲话。

[ I ] formal to get out of bed

My grandfather rises at five every morning to do his exercises. 我祖父每天早晨5点起床锻炼。

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rise verb (INCREASE)

B2 [ I ] to increase

Inflation is rising at/by 2.1 percent a month. 通货膨胀一个月增长2.1%。
The wind/storm is rising (= beginning to get stronger). 风/暴风雨越来越猛烈。

[ I ] When emotions, etc. rise, they start to increase.

Tempers are rising (= people are becoming angry). 人们越来越愤怒。
My spirits rise (= I feel happier) whenever I think of my friends. 一想到朋友们,我的心情就会好起来。
She felt panic and terror rise in her whenever she thought of the future. 一想到未来,她就会感到阵阵恐惧。
His voice rose (= became louder or higher) as he got angry. 他生气时就会扯高嗓门。

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rise verb (BECOME HIGHER)

[ I ] to become higher

The ground rises over there. 那地方地势很高。
The castle is built on rising ground (= ground higher than areas around it). 城堡建在一片高地上。
You can see the Alps rising (= showing as a higher area) in the distance/above the clouds. 你可以看到阿尔卑斯山高高耸立在远方/高耸在云端之上。

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rise verb (BE OPPOSED TO)

[ I usually + adv/prep ] (of a group of people) to begin to oppose or fight a bad government or ruler

The people rose (up) against the oppressor/tyrant/dictator. 人民奋起反抗压迫者/暴君/独裁者。

rise verb (STOP WORK)

[ I ] formal If parliament or a court rises, it stops work.

Parliament/The court rose at 6 p.m. 议会在下午6点休会/法庭在下午6点休庭。


uk /raɪz/ us /raɪz/

rise noun (INCREASE)

B2 [ C ] an increase

a sudden temperature rise 气温突然升高
a 5 percent rise in inflation 通货膨胀上升5%
August has seen a large rise in the number of unemployed. 8月份失业人数剧增。
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Police say that youth crime is on the rise again. 警方称青少年犯罪再次增长。

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rise noun (MOVEMENT UP)

C2 [ S ] the process of becoming very famous, powerful, or popular

Her rapid rise to fame/power/popularity, etc. meant that she made many enemies. 她一夜之间成名/大权在握/走红等意味着她树了很多敌人。

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rise noun (SLOPE/HILL)

[ C ] a small hill or slope

The castle is built on a slight rise above the town. 城堡建在一个高出城镇的缓坡上。

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