Translation of "rock" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb uk us /rɒk/ US  /rɑːk/

[ I or T ] to (cause someone or something to) move backwards and forwards or from side to side in a regular way

He picked up the baby and gently rocked her to sleep. 他抱起了婴儿轻轻摇着哄她入睡。
If you rock back on that chair, you're going to break it. 你坐在那把椅子上要是往后摇,椅子会散架的。

[ T ] If a person or place is rocked by something such as an explosion, the force of it makes the person or place shake

The explosion, which rocked the city, killed 300. 这次爆炸使整座城市剧烈震动,致使300人丧生。

[ T ] If an event rocks a group of people or society, it causes feelings of shock

The managing director's resignation rocked the whole company. 总经理的辞职震惊了整个公司。

(Translation of “rock verb” from the Cambridge English-Chinese (Simplified) Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)