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uk /ruːm/ /rʊm/ us /ruːm/ /rʊm/

room noun (PLACE)

A1 [ C ] a part of the inside of a building that is separated from other parts by walls, floor, and ceiling

I like this room - it has plenty of light.
I could hear people talking in the next room.
She's waiting for you in the conference room upstairs. 她正在楼上会议室等你。
figurative The whole room (= all the people in the room) turned and looked at her. 整个房间里的人都扭过头来看她。

[ C ] used as a combining form in the names of particular rooms

a bedroom 卧室
a bathroom 浴室
a dining room 餐厅
a living room 起居室
rooms [ plural ] UK old-fashioned

a set of rented rooms, especially in a college or university


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room noun (SPACE)

B1 [ U ] the amount of space that someone or something needs

That sofa would take up too much room in the flat. 那个沙发放在公寓房中太占空间。
James took the books off the little table to make room for the television. 詹姆斯拿走了小桌上的书,腾出地儿来放电视。
He's fainted! Don't crowd him - give him room. 他昏倒了!别围在他旁边——给他让出点地方来。
Is there (enough/any) room for me in the car? 我还能坐进车里去吗/车里还有我坐的地儿吗?
[ + to infinitive ] There's hardly room to move in here. 这里面挤得几乎动都动不了。

[ U ] opportunity for doing something

I feel the company has little room for/to manoeuvre. 我觉得公司几乎没有回旋的余地。

More examples

  • If we push the table back against the wall, we'll have more room.
  • Come and stay with us - we've got bags of room.
  • Scoot over and make room for your sister.
  • We have no room for shirkers in this office.
  • Shove over, Lena, and make some room for me.

roomverb [ I usually + adv/prep ]

uk /ruːm/ /rʊm/ us /ruːm/ /rʊm/ US

to rent a room from someone, or share a rented room with someone

At college he rooms with this guy from Nebraska. 在大学里他和这个来自内布拉斯加州的小伙是室友。

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