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uk /rʌf/ us /rʌf/

rough adjective (NOT EVEN)

B1 not even or smooth, often because of being in bad condition

It was a rough mountain road, full of stones and huge holes. 那是一条崎岖的山道,满是石头和巨大的坑洼。

B1 If a surface such as paper or skin is rough, it does not feel smooth when you touch it.

My hands get very rough in the cold. 天一冷我的手就变得特别粗糙。

Rough ground is ground that is not used for any particular purpose, is not even, and is full of wild plants.


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rough adjective (NOT EXACT)

B1 [ before noun ] not exact or detailed

The builder did a rough sketch of how the new stairs would look. 建筑工人画了张新楼梯草图。
This is only a rough guess. 这只是一个大致的推测。
She made a rough estimate/calculation of the likely cost. 她粗略估算/计算了一下可能的开销。
The tests are a rough guide to students' progress. 这些测试能够大致说明学生的进步情况。

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rough adjective (POOR QUALITY)

used to describe an alcoholic drink, especially wine, that tastes cheap and often strong


not made in a careful or expensive way

I made a rough table out of some old boxes. 我用几个旧箱子做了一张简陋的饭桌。

rough adjective (SOUND)

A rough voice or sound is hard and loud.


If a machine sounds rough, it is making a noise because it is in bad condition.


rough adjective (VIOLENT)

B2 dangerous or violent

a rough area of town 城内的危险区
The other boys were rough, always looking for a fight. 其他的男孩子们非常粗野,总是寻衅打架。

rough adjective (DIFFICULT)

B2 difficult or unpleasant

He's had a rough time/month/year, what with the divorce and then his father dying. 他刚离了婚,父亲又去世了,那一段时间/一个月/一年对他来说是太难熬了。
It must be rough to have two kids and nowhere to live. 带着两个孩子,又无处安身,日子肯定是很艰难。

rough adjective (ILL)

[ after verb ] UK ill

You look a bit rough - how much did you have to drink last night? 你看上去有点气色不好——你昨晚喝了多少酒啊?


uk /rʌf/ us /rʌf/
rough it informal

to live temporarily in basic and uncomfortable conditions

While the house was being decorated we roughed it in a tent. 在装修房子期间,我们将就着住在帐篷里。


uk /rʌf/ us /rʌf/

rough noun (DRAWING)

[ C ] a first quick drawing of something

in rough

simple and without details

His first plans were drawn up in rough. 他最初的计划是草草拟就的。

rough noun (VIOLENT PERSON)

[ C ] a violent person

a gang of drunken young roughs 一群醉酒撒野的年轻人

rough noun (IN GOLF)

the rough

in golf, an area of ground with long grass

My ball landed in the rough. 我把球打进了深草区。


uk /rʌf/ us /rʌf/

rough adverb (VIOLENTLY)

forcefully or violently

The local team had a bad reputation for playing rough. 赫尔队打法粗野,臭名远扬。

rough adverb (OUTSIDE)

live/sleep rough

to live outside not in a house, and sleep on the ground

When we ran out of money, we slept rough for a week. 我们的钱花没了,一个星期都露宿街头。

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