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uk /ˈrʌ us /ˈrʌ

roughly adverb (NOT EXACTLY)

B2 approximately

There has been an increase of roughly 2.25 million. 大概增长了225万。
Roughly speaking, it's 2.25 million. 大致来说,有225万。
We have roughly similar tastes/roughly the same tastes. 我们的口味大致相同。

More examples

  • Chop up the onions and carrots roughly.
  • One box may look bigger than the other, but in fact they are roughly equal in volume.
  • The two scientists both made the same discovery independently, at roughly the same time.
  • The money I've saved corresponds roughly to the amount I need for my course.
  • The prices were very roughly calculated - it looked as though he'd done them on the back of an envelope.

roughly adverb (NOT EVENLY)

C2 without taking a lot of care to make something perfect

Roughly chop the tomatoes. 把西红柿简单切成几大块,加到洋葱里。

roughly adverb (VIOLENTLY)

C2 in a violent or angry way

He pushed the children roughly to one side. 他粗暴地将孩子们推到一边。
"And what's going on here?" he said roughly. “这儿怎么回事儿?”他粗鲁地问道。

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