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uk /rəʊ/ us /roʊ/

row noun (LINE)

B1 [ C ] a line of things, people, animals, etc. arranged next to each other

a row of houses/books/plants/people/horses 一排房屋/一排书/一行植物/一队人/一队马
We had seats in the front/back row of the theatre. 我们坐在剧场前/后排。

US UK terrace a line of houses joined together along their side walls


[ C ] used in the names of some roads

Prospect Row 普罗斯帕克特街
in a row

B2 one after another without a break

She's been voted Best Actress three years in a row. 她已经连续3年当选为最佳女演员。

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[ C usually singular ] the activity of making a boat move through water using oars (= poles with flat ends)

They've gone for a row to the island. 他们划船去那个岛了。

rowverb [ I or T ]

uk /rəʊ/ us /roʊ/

B2 to cause a boat to move through water by pushing against the water with oars (= poles with flat ends)

The wind dropped, so we had to row (the boat) back home. 风小了,我们只好划船回家。


uk /raʊ/ us /raʊ/ mainly UK

row noun (ARGUMENT)

[ C ] a noisy argument or fight

My parents often have rows, but my dad does most of the shouting. 我父母经常吵架,但大部分时间都是我爸在那儿扯着嗓子嚷嚷。
What was a political row over government policy on Europe is fast becoming a diplomatic row between France and Britain. 这本来是一场关于政府对欧洲政策的政治争论,却很快演变成法国和英国两国之间的外交摩擦。

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row noun (NOISE)

[ S ] loud noise

I can't concentrate because of the row the builders are making. 建筑工人弄出那么大噪声,我没法集中注意力。

rowverb [ I ]

uk /raʊ/ us /raʊ/ mainly UK informal

to argue, especially loudly

My parents are always rowing (about/over money). 我父母总是(为了钱的事情)吵个不休。

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