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uk /rʌʃ/ us /rʌʃ/

rush verb (GO/DO QUICKLY)

B2 [ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to (cause to) go or do something very quickly

I've been rushing (about/around) all day trying to get everything done. 我什么时候见到他,他都是匆匆忙忙的。
I rushed up the stairs/to the office/to find a phone. 我飞奔上楼梯/匆匆赶到办公室/赶忙去找电话。
When she turned it upside down the water rushed out. 她把它底朝上翻转过来时,水一下倾泻出来。
[ + to infinitive ] We shouldn't rush to blame them. 我们不应该不问青红皂白就责备他们。
You can't rush a job like this. 你不应该这样粗粗地赶活。
The emergency legislation was rushed through Parliament in a morning. 应急法案在一个上午就被议会快速通过了。
Don't rush me! 别催我!
The United Nations has rushed medical aid and food to the famine zone. 联合国向发生饥荒的地区紧急提供了医疗援助和食品。
He rushed the children off to school so they wouldn't be late. 他催赶着孩子们快点出门去学校,以免他们迟到。

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rush verb (ATTACK)

[ T ] If a group of people rush an enemy or the place where an enemy is, they attack suddenly and all together.

We rushed the palace gates and killed the guards. 我们一起冲向宫殿大门,杀死了守卫。


[ I ] In American football, to rush is to carry the ball forward across the place on the field where play begins. Also, a member of the opposite team rushes when they force their way to the back of the field quickly to catch the player carrying the ball.



uk /rʌʃ/ us /rʌʃ/

rush noun (HURRY)

B2 [ S ] a situation in which you have to hurry or move somewhere quickly

Slow down! What's the rush? 慢点!跑那么快干什么?
Why is it always such a rush to get ready in the mornings? 为什么早晨老是得这么手忙脚乱一通才能准备好?
Everyone seemed to be in a rush. 每个人似乎都是急急忙忙的。
He was in a rush to get home. 他急忙赶回家。
They were in no rush to sell the house. 他们并不急于卖出那个房子。

C2 [ S ] a time when a lot of things are happening or a lot of people are trying to do or get something

There's always a rush to get the best seats. 人们总是抢着去占最好的位子。
I try to do my shopping before the Christmas rush. 我尽量在圣诞节购物潮来临之前把东西买好。
There's been a rush for (= sudden popular demand for) tickets. 人们蜂拥而至抢购门票。

C2 [ S ] the act of suddenly moving somewhere quickly

There was a rush of air as she opened the door. 她一打开门,一阵风忽地吹了进来。
They made a rush at him to get his gun. 他们猛地扑向他去抢他的枪。

[ S ] a sudden movement of people to a certain area, usually because of some economic advantage

the California gold rush 加利福尼亚淘金潮

[ C ] in American football, an attempt to run forwards carrying the ball, or an attempt to quickly reach and stop a player from the opposing team who is carrying the ball


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rush noun (SUDDEN FEELING)

[ S ] a sudden strong emotion or physical feeling

The memory of who he was came back to him with a rush. 他忽地一下子想起了自己是谁。
I had my first cigarette for a year and felt a sudden rush (of dizziness). 这是我一年以来第一次抽烟,直感到一阵(晕乎乎的)腾云驾雾的感觉向我袭来。

rush noun (PLANT)

[ C usually plural ] a plant like grass that grows in or near water and whose long, thin, hollow stems can be dried and made into floor coverings, containers, etc.

a rush mat 灯心草垫子

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