Translation of "sad" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (NOT HAPPY) 不快乐的 uk us /sæd/ (sadder, saddest)

unhappy or sorry

I've just received some very sad news. 我刚刚得到一些令人伤心的消息。
She gave a rather sad smile. 她露出了一丝苦笑。
[ + (that) ] It's sad (that) the trip had to be cancelled. 很遗憾旅行被迫取消了。
I'm so sad (that) you can't come. 你不能来,我很遗憾。
[ + to infinitive ] It's sad to see so many failures this year. 今年看到这么多失败的事情真是令人难过。
I was sad to hear that they'd split up. 听说他们分手了,我很难过。

informal If something looks sad, it looks worse than it should because it is not being cared for

Give those flowers some water - they're looking a bit sad. 给那些花浇点儿水——它们看上去蔫巴巴的。
sadness uk us /ˈsæd.nəs/ noun [ U ]

Her sadness at her grandfather's death was obvious. 她祖父的去世显然令她非常伤心。

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