Translation of "sale" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (SELL) uk us /seɪl/

[ C or U ] an act of exchanging something for money

The sale of cigarettes/alcohol is forbidden. 禁止出售香烟/酒。
The building company get 10% commission on each house sale. 建筑公司每卖一套房子能获得10%的佣金。
I haven't made a sale all morning. 我一上午什么都没卖出去。
They'll drop the price rather than lose the sale. 他们将下调价格而不是停止销售。
for sale

available to buy

Is this painting for sale? 这幅画出售吗?
Our neighbours put their house up for sale (= started to advertise that they want to sell it) last week. 我们的邻居上周开始登广告出售他们的房子。
sales [ U, + sing/pl verb ]

the department of a company that organizes and does the selling of the company's products or services

He works in Sales. 他在销售部门工作。
the sales department/manager 销售部/销售部经理
sales [ plural ]

the number of products sold

Sales this year exceeded the total for the two previous years. 今年的销售量超过了前两年销售量的总和。
→ See also telesales

[ C ] an occasion when things are sold, especially by an organization such as a school or church, in order to make money for the organization

a charity/Christmas/book sale 慈善/圣诞节/图书售卖

[ C ] an auction (= public sale)

a sale of antique furniture 古董家具拍卖
a cattle sale 牛畜拍卖
on sale UK

available to buy in a shop

On sale at record stores now. 音像店目前有售。
sale or return

a system by which goods are supplied to shops and can be returned if they are not sold within a particular period of time

We can supply goods on a sale or return basis. 我们可以按剩货包退的条件供货。

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