Translation of "saturate" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (FILL) 充满 uk us /ˈsæt.jʊ.reɪt/ US  /-jʊr.eɪt/

[ T ] to fill a thing or place completely so that no more can be added

The police saturated (= A large number of police officers were sent into) the area in an attempt to find the missing child. 大批警察被派往该地区寻找失踪的孩子。
saturate the market

to provide too much of a product so that there is more of this product available than there are people who want to buy it

Since the US market has now been saturated, drug dealers are looking to Europe. 由于美国的市场现在已经饱和,毒贩们开始转向欧洲。
saturation uk us /ˌsæt.jʊˈreɪ.ʃən/ US  /-jʊr-/ noun [ U ]

market saturation 市场饱和

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