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scalpnoun [ C ]

uk /skælp/ us /skælp/

scalp noun [ C ] (TOP OF HEAD)

the skin on the top of a person's head where hair usually grows

a dry/oily/itchy scalp 干燥的/油性的/发痒的头皮
Some tribes used to collect scalps to prove how many of the enemy they had killed in battle. 以前有些部落通过收集人的头皮来证明在战斗中杀死多少敌人。

scalp noun [ C ] (DEFEATED PERSON)

mainly UK someone you defeat in a competition or election

Although they are expected to take some important scalps in the election, they are unlikely to form the next government. 尽管他们有可能在大选中击败一些重要人物,他们还是不可能组阁下一届政府。

scalpverb [ T ]

uk /skælp/ us /skælp/

scalp verb [ T ] (SELL)

US informal UK tout to buy things, such as theatre tickets, at the usual prices and then sell them, when they are difficult to get, at much higher prices


scalp verb [ T ] (HEAD)

to cut off the scalp of a dead enemy


humorous to cut someone's hair very short


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