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uk /skuːl/ us /skuːl/

school noun (EDUCATION)

A1 [ C or U ] a place where children go to be educated

UK a primary/secondary school 小/中学
US an elementary/a middle/a high school
Milton Road School 密尔顿路小学
They're building a new school in the town. 他们正在村里建一座新学校。
She drives the kids to school every morning. 她每天早上开车送孩子上学。
I went to school with (= I went to the same school at the same time as) Luke's brother. 我和卢克的弟弟在同一所学校念书。
UK I was at school with Luke's brother. 我和卢克的弟弟在同一所学校念书。
Is Emily in/at school today or is she still ill? 埃米莉今天上学了吗?还是病还没好?
What did you learn at school today
Which school do you go to (formal attend)? 你在哪所学校上学?
school lunches/uniform/buildings 学校餐/校服

A1 [ U ] the period of your life during which you go to school, or the teaching and learning activities which happen at school

Most children start/begin school at the age of five. 英国儿童在4岁或5岁开始上学。
What do you want to do when you leave school (= finish studying at school)? 你毕业后想做什么?
I love/hate school. 我喜欢/讨厌上学。
US My sister teaches school (= teaches children in a school) in New York City. 我妹妹在纽约市教书。

A2 [ U ] the time during the day when children are studying in school

before/after school 上学前/放学后
School starts at 9 a.m. and finishes at 3.30 p.m. 学校上午9点开始上课,下午3:30放学。

[ C + sing/pl verb ] all the children and teachers at a school

The whole school is/are delighted about Joel's success in the championships. 全校师生都为乔尔在锦标赛中的胜利感到高兴。

[ C or U ] a part of a college or university specializing in a particular subject or group of subjects

the School of Oriental and African Studies 东方和非洲研究学院
She went to medical school in Edinburgh. 她去爱丁堡医学院读书。

A2 [ C ] a place where people can study a particular subject either some of the time or all of the time

a driving/dancing school 驾校/舞蹈训练班
the London Business School 伦敦商学院

B1 [ U ] US a college or university or the time that a student spends there

We first met in graduate school (= while doing a second or third university degree). 我们第一次见面是在读研究生的时候。
We went to school together in Atlanta.

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school noun (GROUP)

[ C, + sing/pl verb ] a group of painters, writers, poets, etc. whose work is similar, especially similar to that of a particular leader

the Flemish School 佛兰芒派
the Impressionist school of painting 印象画派

school noun (SEA CREATURES)

[ C, + sing/pl verb ] a large number of fish or other sea creatures swimming in a group

a school of dolphins/whales 一群海豚/鲸

schoolverb [ T ]

uk /skuːl/ us /skuːl/ formal

to train a person or animal to do something

It takes a lot of patience to school a dog/horse. 训练狗/马需要很强的耐心。
[ + to infinitive ] You must school yourself to be tolerant. 你必须学会宽容。

[ T often passive ] to teach a child

Her children are well schooled in correct behaviour. 她的孩子在行为端正方面受到了很好的教育。

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