Translation of "screen" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] (EXAMINE) 检查 uk us /skriːn/

to test or examine someone or something to discover if there is anything wrong with them

All women over 50 will be screened for breast cancer. 所有50岁以上的妇女都要作乳腺癌筛查。
Completely unsuitable candidates were screened out (= tested and refused) at the first interview. 完全不合格的求职者在第一轮面试时就被筛选掉了。
screen your calls

to delay your decision to speak to someone who is ringing you on the telephone until you can discover who they are, either by listening to them leaving a message on your answering machine or by seeing their telephone number shown on your telephone

I always screen my calls while I'm eating dinner. 吃晚饭的时候来电话我总是先看来电显示再决定是否接听。

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