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sealnoun [ C ]

uk /siːl/ us /siːl/

seal noun [ C ] (ANIMAL)

B2 a large mammal that eats fish and lives partly in the sea and partly on land or ice



seal noun [ C ] (COVERING)

something fixed around the edge of an opening to prevent liquid or gas flowing through it

Clean the seal on/around the fridge door regularly so that it remains airtight. 定期清洁冰箱门上的密封条,可以使它保持密闭。

a thin piece of material such as paper or plastic that covers the opening of a container and has to be broken in order to open the container and use the contents


seal noun [ C ] (MARK)

an official mark on a document, sometimes made with wax, that shows that it is legal or has been officially approved

The lawyer stamped the certificate with her seal. 律师在证书上盖上了她的印章。

sealverb [ T ]

uk /siːl/ us /siːl/

seal verb [ T ] (COVERING)

C2 to close an entrance or container so that nothing can enter or leave it


to cover a surface with a special liquid to protect it

This floor has just been sealed (with varnish), so don't walk on it! 地板刚刚上过清漆,别在上面走!

C2 to close a letter or parcel by sticking the edges together

Seal the package (up) with tape. 用透明胶带把包裹封起来。
He sealed (down) the envelope and put a stamp on it. 他封上信封,贴上邮票。

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seal verb [ T ] (MARK)

to make an agreement more certain or to approve it formally

The two leaders sealed their agreement with a handshake. 两位领导人握手表示达成协议。


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