Translation of "seat" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (FURNITURE) 家具 uk us /siːt/

a piece of furniture or part of a train, plane, etc. that has been designed for someone to sit on

Chairs, stools, sofas and benches are different types of seat. 椅子、凳子、沙发和长凳是不同类型的座位。
Please have/take a seat (= sit down). 请坐。
A car usually has a driver's seat, a front/passenger seat and back/rear seats. 小轿车通常有一个驾驶座、一个前座/客座和几个后排座。
My ticket says 22D but there's already someone in (= sitting on) that seat. 我的票是22D,但已经有人占了那个位子。
Is this seat free/taken (= Is anyone using it)? 这个位子有人吗?
Would you keep (= stop anyone else from sitting in) my seat (for me) while I go to the buffet car? 我去餐车时,你能否帮我看着我的座位?
formal Please keep your seats (= stay sitting down) until asked to leave. 没叫你们离开之前请不要离开座位。
Could I book/reserve two seats (= arrange for a seat to be officially kept for me) for tomorrow evening's performance? 我可以预订两张明晚演出的票吗?

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